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Written on Saturday, 5 February 2011 17:21

If you are tired of making fried, grilled or baked sausages, this recipe could offer you a healthy and tasty alternative.
I have tried it will all kind of English sausages always with good result. In few cases the thin film covering the sausages came out but this did not affect the result.
This dish is delicious and perfect served with homemade roast potatoes.

  • sausages
  • water
  • white wine (optional)

In a frying pan put the sausages, prick and cover them almost completely with water.
Let them boil keeping turning every 10 minutes or so.
With a skimming spoon remove the fat that will rise to the surface.
When the water will be almost completely gone add a drizzle of wine and let it evaporate.
The last minutes will be the most important as you, when the water will be completely evaporated, will have to keep turning the sausages with a wooden spoon to let them colouring.
Serve immediately.