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Chicken with capers and lemon

Sea Bass Oven Baked

Pasta with Butternut Squash

Beef Stew with Tomatoes

Pasta with Seafood

Pasta with Courgettes-Zucchini Cream

Lasagna with Ricotta

Pasta Primi

Baked Pasta

This dish is one of my favourite and my children love it!
It is very easy to make and will represent the main dish of your dinner.

Baked Pasta with Bechamel Sauce

When I was a little girl this was my favourite dish!
My mother was used to make it especially on Sundays and I just could not stop eating it!

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

This delicious dish is called “alla Sorrentina” because it comes from Sorrento a lovely city of the south of Italy near Amalfi and Positano.
A classic of the Italian cuisine this recipe is incredibly easy to make and of great effect on your table!

Lasagna with Ricotta

The lasagna with ricotta has its origins in Naples.
This recipe is very easy to make and is a perfect solution for a Sunday lunch or for every time you want to treat your family and friends!

Pasta with Artichokes

I love artichokes! Unfortunately it is very difficult to find them in England, but luckily in the supermarkets you can buy jars of artichokes marinated in oil and still make very tasty pasta.
Just one advice, serve it as soon as ready!

Pasta with Broccoli

This recipe is a simple and tasty way to make your children eating vegetables.
Very quick to make it will be appreciated also from the most demanding of your friends!

Pasta with Butternut Squash

Very easy and tasty pasta with butternut squash is a dish loved especially from children.
Try this recipe also with pumpkins you will not be disappointed.

Pasta with Courgettes (Zucchini)

This Italian dish is incredibly tasty and easy to make. If you have unexpected guests do not hesitate to prepare this delicious pasta with courgettes and I can assure your friends will be very impressed!

Pasta with Cream and Cheese

Are you late for tea? Here for you the quickest dinner ever!
Carbohydrates and proteins all in one dish, your children will simply eat it up…just like mine!

Pasta Frittata

The pasta frittata is a thick and tasty omelette.
You can make it using left over of spaghetti or prepare it from scratch just for its deliciousness.

Pasta with Lentils

This is a very tasty way to make your children eating legumes.
Personally preferring this dish quite creamy I leave it rest at least 5 minutes at the end.

Pasta with Olives

This dish is one of my daughter's favourites. It is really delicious and quick to prepare. The original recipe was given to me by my mother but I had to make few changes to arrange it to my children taste!

Pasta with Olives and Capers

Very easy to make, this recipe is a great alternative to the classic puttanesca.
The black olives together with the capers and the cherry tomatoes create an amazing flavour, something you will not forget!

Pasta with Pancetta

This dish is very easy to make and it is always a success every time I make it for English adults or children.
The secret is this delicious tomato sauce that I make in the stir fry pan but if you do not have it any frying pan is ok.

Pasta with Pesto

Mmmmm I love this dish! This is the best treat I can get after a day spent driving my children to their after school activities or helping them with homework. This recipe is very simple and it is a classic of the Italian cuisine, Genoese precisely.

Pasta with Prawns and Courgettes-Zucchini Cream

Prawns and courgettes - zucchini is just the perfect combination!
This pasta recipe is easy and refined at the same time, a delicacy for any occasion!

Pasta with Seafood

Pasta with seafood is a classic of the Italian cuisine and this very easy dish is incredibly tasty.
Try this recipe and in no time you and your family will be able to appreciate the flavour of the sea!

Pasta with Tomatoes and Ricotta

This recipe is a variation of the famous Sicilian Pesto.
The original dish requires also garlic and pine nuts. You can try both ways and decide which one is your favorite!

Pilaf Rice

This rice is usually used served with meat, fish or vegetables dishes.
My recipe for the Pilaf rice is simple and healthy.

Risotto with Asparagus

Always remembering that the risotto has to be prepared absolutely at the last moment, enjoy this easy and delicious recipe.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Easy and quick to make this dish will be loved by all those who like eggs. Try this delicious recipe in the original version and then if you want to make this dish more suitable for children avoid adding the pancetta.

Tagliatelle Bolognese

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese is a dish that I like to make especially for Sunday lunch or dinner
A classic of the Italian cuisine this great recipe is the best I have ever tried!

Tagliatelle with Ham and Cream Sauce

This sauce is very good with any kind of pasta. You might want to try it also with Penne rigate or Fusilli, in this case you will need a little less of double cream. This is because the Tagliatelle are a kind of pasta that absorbs more sauce than others.