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Written on Friday, 16 December 2010 16:23

This dish is very easy to make and it is always a success every time I make it for English adults or children.
The secret is this delicious tomato sauce that I make in the stir fry pan but if you do not have it any frying pan is ok.

Every 2 people

  • 200gr of Penne Rigate Pasta
  • 1 tin of plum tomatoes
  • 100g of Italian pancetta in
  • half onion
  • wine vinegar
  • extra virgin olive Oil
  • salt

In the fraying pan brown the sliced onion in 3 table spoons ofthe extra virgin olive oil and almost straight away add the pancetta cubes.
Just before the onion is golden brown add a drizzle of wine vinegar and let it evaporate.
At this point is your choice if to remove the onion or leave it. I remove it because my children do not like to eat it!
Add the plum tomatoes; it is better if you previously make them smother with the help of a mixer.
Leave the sauce cooking until it becomes thicker.
Boil the Penne rigate in salted water and when ready drain and mix them immediately with the sauce. Serve immediatly.
If you are using the stir-fry pan you can leave the pasta in it and bring it straight to the table, your family and guests will love it! If you like you can add some Parmigiano Reggiano on the top.