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Written on Monday, 17 January 2011 12:02

This is an appealing alternative of the traditional recipe of meatballs.
Simple and ideal for those who want to avoid fried food.

  • meatballs (follow recipe
    without frying the meat)
  • 500g of smooth tomatoes
    passata already blended.

If you cannot find the passata already blended, just buy a normal passata and make a Tomatoes Sauce with Onion .
In a frying pan put the tomato sauce, if it is too thick add a little of hot water.
When the sauce is hot put half of the meatballs in it leaving a little space between each one.
Cover the fry pan and let cook for 15 minutes then turn them, cover again.
Repeat with the other half of the meatballs.
When ready it will be your choise whether to eat them immediately or serve later on.
Also these meatballs are infact delicious hot or cold.