New Recipes

Chicken with capers and lemon

Sea Bass Oven Baked

Pasta with Butternut Squash

Beef Stew with Tomatoes

Pasta with Seafood

Pasta with Courgettes-Zucchini Cream

Lasagna with Ricotta

Meat Secondi

Beef Stew with Tomatoes

Very easy to make this recipe is ideal for all the family.
Beef Stew with tomatoes will make the meet incredibly soft and will be loved especially from your children!

Chicken with Capers and Lemon

This chicken with capers and lemon is a very tasty dish, good in every season and ideal for spring and summer!
Enjoy this new and easy recipe.

Chicken with Lemon

This incredibly easy recipe is the perfect way to make a very tasty and light chicken.
Its delicate flavour will be very much appreciated and loved, I promise!

Chicken with olives

This chicken with olives, is incredibly easy to make and absolutely delicious.
Try this recipe and you will have a great dish with little work!

Chicken with Peppers

This chicken with peppers is a very tempting and tasty dish and one of my husband’s favorites!
Easy to prepare I am sure it will be much appreciated also by your children and family.

Lamb with Rosemary

When I made this dish the first time, my husband said he had never eaten a more delicious and tender lamb in his life!
This of course really flattered me and it is now with the biggest confidence that I suggest you to prepare this recipe for your family and friends.

Meat Genovese

This is my mum’s “Piece the Resistance”.
When I was a little girl she was used to make it especially on Sundays or whenever we had guests.


My recipe for meatballs is a garanteed success with adult and children! My son and daughter have eaten this dish counteless times and their friends simply love it.

Meatballs in Tomatoes Sauce

This is an appealing alternative of the traditional recipe of meatballs.
Simple and ideal for those who want to avoid fried food.

Pork Rolls

Tired of the usual way to make your pork loin?
This delicious recipe is an alternative that will be loved from your family.
Creamy and tasty this pork loin is absolutely mouth watering!

My way Sausages

If you are tired of making fried, grilled or baked sausages, this recipe could offer you a healthy and tasty alternative.
I have tried it will all kind of English sausages always with good result. In few cases the thin film covering the sausages came out but this did not affect the result.

Sea Bass oven baked

A very easy recipe to make your See Bass. A new, simple and tasty dish!

Turkey Escallops

This is a brilliant way to make your meat very soft and appetizing.
This recipe will be loved even from those who do not like eating meat very much .

Veal Saltimbocca

From the city of Rome a delicacy you will not able to stop eating.
If you want to surprise your family or friends try this incredibly tasty dish and no matter how many Saltimbocca you will make, there will be not left over!